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sidewaysJDM JDM - stance - drift - cars

Throwback to 07/08



JDM - stance - drift - cars

Throwback to 07/08

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Nomad Micro Home

A Canadian company called NOMAD Micro Home sells prefabricated homes, easy to assemble in just a few days. This prefabricated house is an example of ergonomic use of space. The standard model, with sides of just 3 meters long, is equipped with a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and an upstairs furnished bedroom.

The living area on the ground floor of the micro-house has plenty of space to be furnished with a cozy sofa to relax on in front of the TV. A kitchen with cabinets for storing cooking vessels is designed in extension of the living room. To save the little space of the house with only 9 square meters footprint, the access stairs that lead upstairs, where there’s a bedroom equipped with a double bed and space for a wardrobe, are just above the kitchen furniture.

The very well insulated modular house, in order to minimize heat loss, can be delivered with a solar panel-heating system, but with a rainwater collector as well, these improvements making it economical and environmentally friendly.
Project developers say such a house can be built both in urban and in rural areas, suitable both as family residence and as a shelter in areas affected by natural disasters. And the fact that the home comes packed and ready to assemble, greatly reduces the final cost of construction. The price is $25,000 CA.

$25k? I’m 100% down to live in one of these

Woah I want one…but with a shower…

The toilet is a wet room, this has a shower.

Sad thing is this has more square meters than some of the studio flats I’ve seen sell in central London for £300k+

Working as a building surveyor/architect is very eye opening at times.

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